Hello, I'm Alana!


As a product designer, my design skills draw from my diverse background in architecture and interactive art installations, encompassing a wide range of scales and mediums. These experiences have shaped my understanding of how digital designs influence the physical world and interactions between people.

I am a recent graduate with my master's in Human-Computer Interaction from Carnegie Mellon University where I designed for Bloomberg for my capstone project.

Design approach

I value empathy for my users, collaboration with my team, and a research-driven design process.

I am a research-driven designer who is curious about how people work and their decision-making process. I utilize research insights to provide context for building user empathy. By translating research insights into tangible models, I bridge the gap between understanding and actionable design steps. I am skilled in storytelling to stakeholder collaborators and iterating to improve design impact.

Collaborative approach

As a team member, I prioritize contributing to an inclusive culture where everyone's ideas are valued.

My work experience includes collaborating with cross-functional teams in cities around the world. These experiences have equipped me with an empathetic approach towards my collaborators, strong organizational and strategic project planning skills, and the ability to view projects from both broad and detailed perspectives. Embracing vulnerability, being accountable and having an open mindset with a sprinkle of humor are key to what I bring as a team member.


My passion for design, art, adventure and food has brought me to 27 countries across 4 continents.

Recent reads

I've read 21 books in the past year with my top genres being non-fiction and novels.